Vintage Circus Party (Signature Party)

As promised, here are some photographs of the Vintage Circus theme that will be offered at Stars of Dance to go along with their tumbling acrobat party.  I love how this theme can be used for girls or boys and is perfect for the younger group of 3-5 year olds.  The printables were done by Kori Clark from Paper and Pigtails.  She’s so awesome to work with and incredibly talented! She’s always responsive with quick turnarounds while maintaining her attention to detail! Her designs incorporated the colors of red and turquoise, which I love together, and inspired the rest of the overall design.  My wonderful husband, who has a way of figuring out how to get anything done, made the canopy backdrop, which turned out fantastic! My mother-in-law did all the sewing of the runners, the canopy, and detail on the elephant, she is a treasure and now I know where my husband gets his talent from! Next up will be the rock star diva party.

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