Rock Star Diva Party

The Rock Star Diva party is the second signature party created for the Stars of Dance dance studio.  I wanted to have one of the themes reflect Jen’s (the owner of Stars of Dance) philosophy that “everyone is a star”.  This party happens to be for the little girl who has the “rock star” inside her and wants to dance it out!   Again, Kori Clark from Paper and Pigtails designed the party printables.   I love her use of the black and white polka dots, and pulled the color scheme through on the table runners. I tried to combine the look of a rock star with a touch of glam, which every girl loves!

7 thoughts on “Rock Star Diva Party

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments! The microphones are made from the multicolored plastic ones you can find at target that I sprayed painted and embellished with sticker rhinestones. The stands were wood boxes I found at Michaels and painted white and embellished with a boa, craft paper and party printables. The microphone black stand is a PVC pipe that I covered in black fabric and hot glued to the microphone. Hope that helps! Thanks for looking!


  1. Love your designs! Very stylish and posh. How were you able to create the microphone center pieces? They are so creative!

  2. Great theme! Where did you find your stars (table), disco ball, and guitar (wall) decorations? I really love the simplicity yet it covered your table. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! The Stars were from the DOllar Tree (around Christmas time), the disco balls were from Five Below and the Guitar was from Hobby Lobby but I embellished with rhinestones, ribbon, etc.

    1. They are 7″ mirror balls that I purchased from Five Below. The microphones are not blow ups, they are plastic ones from Target that I spray painted and embellished with jewel stickers.

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