Magic Party

I helped photographer, Veronica Huang,  stylize her daughter, Maddie’s 6th birthday. Maddie chose a fun magic theme in her favorite colors purple and black.  We decided to keep the set up simple since the party was hosted in Veronica’s home, and we wanted the focus to be on the main attraction,  Melvin the Magnificent! The children had a blast and loved that their party favors were capes, wands and top hats allowing them to take part in their own shows!  Not only did Veronica take these beautiful photographs, but she even designed the printables herself!


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2 thoughts on “Magic Party

  1. This party is adorable! How did you make the popcorn cone stand? where did you get the cups for the other food like the pretzels?

    1. Thank you Katie! The popcorn stand is actually a cardboard holder that held a candy carrot display last easter! I spray painted it white and covered it in coordinating wrapping paper. Many retailers will throw out their displays after the season, so if you ask them for it they will give it to you for free! The cups can be found online at The Tom Kat Studio or Kara’s Party Ideas.

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