St. Patrick’s Day Playdate

So excited to pull together a quick St. Patrick’s Day play date and celebrate with our dear friends. Veronica Huang was so gracious, as always, to shoot the tiny sweets table and all the kiddos.

I decided to give the display a slight modern twist to the typical St. Patrick’s Day “Green” and went more for the “Pot of Gold” at the end of the rainbow. After this long winter I was just itching to see lots of color!

Since my oldest has food allergies I always try and make the dessert table “allergy friendly” so everyone can enjoy it. She often sees beautiful dessert tables at parties and then can’t eat anything on them. So I stuck with basic simply salted popcorn, lemon sorbet and mini vanilla Oreos (all nut free, dairy free and egg free).








4th of July Picture Perfect Playdate

In between the raindrops, we were able to have a July 4th Picture Perfect Playdate. The girls had so much fun riding the carousel and playing with ribbon wands and a parachute. They enjoyed a lite picnic lunch and cooled themselves down with some lemonade and popsicles. Here is a sneak peek…

A Very Berry Playdate

We finally had a stretch of warm weather this weekend, so Veronica and I decided to host our own “berry” fun playdate for our girls. They enjoyed some strawberry applesauce, raspberry sorbet and pink lemonade.  I surprised the girls with a basket of MY original Strawberry Shortcake dolls from when I was a little girl! They were so thrilled to play with them! Check out more photos on Veronica’s site

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